Suzanne and Conan. St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, California

08.08.08 was a very busy day. But fortunately for me, i was doing a friend's wedding and it was a blast. I know Conan from our loveliness day so it is a while back, and eventhough we have crosed path at different weddings with Conan and Mark, his brother, being a wonderful DJ, i had never thought in a million year i would be shooting his wedding. So when Suzanne contacted me and said they want me to capture their special day i was elated.i got to tag along with Hanson from Hanson Fong photography which is always nice, and I got to spend the day with the sweetest and nicest couple I have met. Suzanne and Conan had invited their family and friends to celebrate their union at St. Mary's Cathedral, and then had a great banquet at the Rincon Center, where 8 lions gave us a great recital. It was an evening not to forget and hopefully this highlight has captured the day to their likings, and peak your curiosity.

I let you be the judge of it

Thanks again Conan and Suzanne to include me in your wedding, and Conan see you at Lydia and Stanley's wedding in three weeks.

take care guys,