Matthieu Meynier

Rachell & Shaun, Wedding Film (full) Groezinger Estate, Yountville, california

Matthieu Meynier

Last april, I had a chance to go to Reframe, which is a collective of amazing wedding filmmakers and got so inspired that I could not wait to tackle on Rachell and Shaun's wedding. I had so many ideas in my head that it actually took me a while to get it on its way. But once the direction was clear to me I had no hesitation on what to do. Rachell and Shaun had a very intimate ceremony in Napa. Their officiant was a close friend, and it became appearant to me that the most important was to heavily rely on the speeches and ceremony in order to paint a nice portray of who they are.

I hope I managed to do so. As usual comments are welcome. Please let the video completely download before you watch it. Press the play button twice

Have a wonderful day.