Matthieu Meynier

Times are changing

Matthieu Meynier
Woaw! I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted anything on the blog. Not that I have been slacking but just super busy with wrapping up the year, getting ready for 2010, and also revamping MvideoM Productions, to make it even better, and to give you the best.

That is why, in a few weeks from now, MvideoM Productions will have an extreme make-over to go to the next level (what ever that is, as I think the sky is the limit). It's an exciting time and a scary one all at once, but I'm ready for a new challenges.

In the meantime I will keep on posted all the exciting events I have been shooting throughout the summer including an unforgettable wedding in France. Stay tune for new updates, and new films.

Thanks for stopping by.