Matthieu Meynier

From MvideoM to cinematt

Matthieu Meynier
When I started my company 6 years ago, I struggled with the name. I thought of MMvideo, because my name is Matthieu Meynier. But apparently somebody had thought about it before me (duh!) So here I was not thinking of other options, until I stumbled upon drawing my logo and I saw the look. It was obvious my company will be called MvideoM.

From working from my apartment in Daly City, to moving to San Francisco, MvideoM - just like my videos - went through so many phases and changes. New business card, new website, new look of videos.

In 2007, I finally got the chance to move out of working from my apartment to a studio. At that time I felt that MvideoM needed to grow up. So it became MvideoM Productions:

But today I have decided to switch gear and let go of the old to bring cinematt. Please visit us at, and be part of the change.

I have never let anyone or anything discourage me from realizing my dreams. Whether it was moving from France to the USA on my own, attending the University of South Florida and get decent GPA to be on a scholarship, being recognized as a good journalist in written press ( I was writing sports, and mostly soccer and Tennis, but I did cover some college and high school football) or to just opening my own business. I didn't know I would be a wedding videographer, then a storyteller. It was not in my cards. But sometimes life throws at you opportunity, that either you can't refuse, or you can't avoid. In my case it was the lattest. But reflecting it on it 10 years later, I don't regret anything. Cinematt will be a celebration of all those moments. I will tell your story as good as I cannot from the standpoint of the videographer, but from you point of you. Ultimately you, your family and your friends make the story. Actually YOU are the story. So hopefully you will see in my work an honest truthful, not over the top depiction of your story. Something you will want to share with your family and friends over and over again.
I look forward to meeting you.
Take care, and have a wonderful week, and long live cinematt

Bonne soiree,