Matthieu Meynier

Happy new year, everybody.

Matthieu Meynier
Bonne Annee et tous mes voeux pour 2010!!

Well as you can see I'm relooking. 2010 is a year of change with entering a new decade, and new technologies for our use. So I decided what would be better to kick off the year with a brand new look, new name, new inspiration, and of course better and more daring films.
Although the new website is not up yet, I am working hard on it, and should have it set up by Monday.
Why the change of name would you ask. Well it's easy. I wanted something simple, more personal, and representing my work better. MvideoM Productions was great, but I felt the name was very unpersonalized, and I felt like it was not in par with what I had in mind for this new year.
I don't want to consider myself as a videographer, but as a storyteller. I want to tell your story, not just video your wedding.
My commitment to you remains the same but I definitely want to kick it up a notch. In that effort, I am switching gears (literally) as I enter the world of DSLR, to give you a more polish a more vibrant and a more heartwarming film. The old is out and the new is in, and it's time to make it relevant. I have always been dedicated to give you more and more each time, and I will strive to do the same this upcoming year. I just moved to a beautiful loft in Emeryville, and I invite you to come see me, and discover what I have in store for you.
I'm really looking forward to meeting with you. In the meantime, happy new year, and a bientot j'espere.