This is why I do What I do.

In November I had the pleasure of shooting Jenny and Leo's wedding at San Francisco Intercontinental Hotel. It was an intimate affair with friends and family members. Both Jenny and Leo have a very strong faith and their union was a celebration of their faith and love.
I delivered the Film to them a couple days ago, and last night as I was coming back from dinner, I found this email, which put a wide smile on my face: here is the email along with the video. I hope you will enjoy it.

Dear Matthieu,

I've seen the video of highlights at least 10 times today because i love it so much. you captured the heart of the relationship that Leo and I have, and the spirit of the wedding day. i don't know how you did that so well, without even knowing us. one of my good friends who has been to MANY MANY weddings emailed me today after she saw the video and said it was the best she has ever seen. my parents also are very impressed by it.

much thanks to you for leaving us this huge gift of a wonderful video.

we can't wait to receive the unedited raw version as well

we are grateful that Patty at 8Events recommended you to us. we will definitely recommend you to others with future weddings.

-jenny and leo

Jenny & Leo, Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco from Matthieu Meynier on Vimeo.