Have you considered wedding videos? The art of story telling

Ever since I started working in the wedding industry a mere ten years ago, I always strive to improve my work to give you the best possible wedding video. At first, it was just about shooting, and more shooting, getting some creative shots, and piecing them together in order to have a wedding video. But in the long run, it became apparent to me that shooting, editing and putting a video together was more than just some pretty shots, or some cool music.

You see, I want my films to have a meaning, a story... your story. You may notice I said “your story”, and the reason I use the possessive pronoun, is because I really want to have an attachment to you. I don't want you to feel like you are just hiring a videographer. Instead, you are making a new friend. It seems stupid to say but for the longest time I didn't get that concept; I was too wrapped up in doing "video" work. I was more focused on the technical aspect of making the video rather than the human aspect of it. Then, one day in 2004, my dad visited from France, and he watched my work. All the sudden he told me: "Your work is good but I can't seem to connect with your couples." It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Coming from a man who spent 25 years on the airwaves in France connecting with strangers night after night, I took to heart what he was telling me and realized the importance of his message. You see, I grew up listening to my dad's soothing voice on the radio every night. And even though I would only get to see my dad on precious weekends, I had a deep connection with him through the air waves. My dad had a radio show that started as a half hour program, in which truckers will call to report any road blocks or any other situation. Then the 30 minutes stint became a four and a half hour daily fixture, where total strangers, night after night called to get help, some passing a message to their family and some to solve their most personal problems. There was no internet or cell phone at that time, so my dad was it. No matter who was calling him, he was able to connect with them on a personal and emotional level in the span of few seconds. And Dad did that for 25 meaningful years.

The realization that I wasn't connecting to my couples struck me hard. I needed to do what my Dad did in my video work. Within a few weeks I completely revamped my idea of wedding video. Now enters the term “wedding film”. I started to think of what was the best way of telling your story. The best way, and there is no substitute to this for me, is to meet with you on a deeper level to establish that easy feeling you should have with any of your handpicked wedding vendors. It goes beyond just shooting your wedding day, the most important day of your life. So when you meet me or when we talk on the phone, be ready to tell me everything about you! Anything that would be of interest in order to tell your story the best way possible and don't leave the details out. Even little things that you don't think matters are little nuggets of gold. I really want you to give me a better and brighter picture of who you are, what you want, and what you are looking for. I just don't want a simple sketch, I want a canvas! A canvas I can refine, and  use to reflect your story in the wedding film that I will personally create for you.

And that's why I consider my videos to be wedding films.

I'm fortunate to have great couples who feed and respect my imagination and creativity, and I look forward to documenting your day with the same passion and same creativity that continues to burn inside of me.

With all this, I present to you a full feature length wedding film: "Serendipity".
why Serendipity? Well if Jane had taken a trip to Buenos Aires she might have not met the man of her dream aka David. You see Jane had planned to go to Buenos Aires for a Christmas trip, but the trip was cancelled last minute due to work. So she needed an out, and the out was San Anton, Austria. And although when she got there she thought she had ended up in a retirement house, she couldn't imagine she would meet her future husband the very next day, the very British and distinguish David.
Fast forward 3 years later, and here we are at Hans
Fahden Winery, in Napa Valley in Calistoga. Off course as you can imagine the Ski theme was very present in this beautiful wedding, where Jane and David brought their friends and Family from all around the world to gather to celebrate their union.
From the ski tag for sitting cards, to the cutest ring holder representing a man and a woman in hot tub after a long day of skiing, everything was around that theme. Even their signing book was in fact a pair of skis.
I hope you will enjoy it, and be sure to watch it until the end of their magical story.
Congratulations again to Jane and David.

Merci et bonne journee,