Heather's Farm - Walnut Creek - Sara and David

This past June I was lucky enough to take part in Sara and David's union. David is a pastor and found love a year and a half ago when he met the beautiful Sara.
In front of their friends, and their family, they professed their love for each other, and had an intimate reception following.
One of my favorite moment of the day was definitely when David and Sara saw each other for the first time. Sara was so cute, and so nervous at the same time as she walked toward David's who was just looking at her with gazing eyes and a cool demeanor, but shade a few tears as she turned the corner.
Another great moment was when their matron of honor actually addressed the crowed and asked for Pastor David's fellowship to welcome Sara as one of their own. That was a great moment and something i had never seen or heard before.
Congratulations to the beautiful couple and I will be following on your many adventures.
So without further do I would like to introduce to their beautiful wedding film.
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Bonne journee et a bientot.