Silver Creek Country Club - San Jose - Wendy and Jeffrey

Today I would like to introduce you to Jeffrey and Wendy. Their wedding took place at Silver Creek Country Club in San Jose. It was always one of the location I wanted to shoot at but never had an opportunity to do so. Unfortunately when they approached me with their wedding date I was already booked. So I told them I can have my crew shooting but I won't be the main shooter. They were fine with the idea, as they knew I would handle the editing. However, I wanted to make sure everything goes according to plan, so in the morning of the prep I showed up unannounced in San Leandro to shoot the bride prep, before heading off to the wedding I was supposed to shoot in Monterey. I think Wendy was really happy and surprised to see me there.
Their beautiful ceremony and reception were extra specials as Jeffrey's dad was the officiant, which made it even more personal.
The piece I'm presenting you with is their highlight. This is a fun way to share your wedding day with your friend, in a fast pace and entertaining fashion.
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