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Happy new year everyone!! A look back at 2010

Matthieu Meynierpersonal
We are a few hours away from starting 2011, and it seems appropriate to take a look back at 2010 and a whirlwind of emotion. I can't believe it's already over. It seems only yesterday I was filming Mona and Brian beautiful wedding at the Westin St. Francis, but the truth is they are about to celebrate their one year anniversary, and many more to come.

2010 was a particular year for me because it was a year of growth in my personal and professional life. On a professional point, I was able to get to a different level in my work, and I renewed my passion for wedding films. I became a better storyteller, and I spent the year learning and being a student of the industry. This is why 2011 is going to be so exciting. I feel I have never been more on top than I am right now, and I want to keep improving, so for those of you who will join the CINEMATT family, I can assure you to give you my best effort to make better films and better stories! and I can't wait to get started.

On a personal level, I went through a crazy year where new people came into my life to guide me and help me when I needed it the most: So there are a few person I need to thank: Elley! you are my rock and my muse, not much more need to be said, except I vow to achieve all the goals we have talked about in 2011, and this a promise (sounds a bit cheesy but it's true). Amelie! you make life so much better, and so joyful. You are the best!! Caroline and Dan thank you for your friendship your advice, and you help. Jerome, although we didn't get to see much of each other this year, you, Mila, Pauline Romeo and Katia is what I have the closest as family here, so thank you for the friendship, the support, and the love you guys have given me.

On a fun level, I achieve lots of traveling and discovered new places, which beauty I did not suspect, and I took a bit more time to enjoy life and not just be consumed with my work, which actually is a key to success. Being consumed by your work clouds your mind and prevent you from being creative I think. So it's nice from time to time to take a step back. I only come back stronger in my editing room.
 So for 2011 I hope to see more of the same.

Thank you for your constant support, and for those of you who are considering CINEMATT for your wedding, please be sure to stop by my new location in Belmont, and take a look to what I have in stock for 2011. It's is going to be a great great year.