Freedom Hall - Sunnyvale - Jenny and Ben

I know it's been a while I have not posted anything, and the reason is simple: I was on vacation. After 22 straight weeks of filming weddings, I felt I needed a break and decided to travel part of the world literally since I went to 5 countries in 4 weeks.
But enough about me and let's get back to Jenny and Ben. I have known Jenny for a while now as I have shot both of her brothers wedding. So filming her own wedding was definitely fun for me, and some added pressure since she had two examples of what I can do. But as usual each and every wedding is different. They all bring their own colors and diversities, and Jenny's wedding was no exception.
I hope you will enjoy this colorful depiction of the day, which blended a bit of the asian and Jewish traditions.
Thank you Jenny and Ben for trusting me with your most important day.

Bonne Journee,