The Bridges golf course -Ashley and An-Yen - San Ramon

Well it took me a bit longer than expected because moving always take longer than expected, but I'm ready to share my first film of the year.

When Ashley and An-Yen contacted me to film their wedding I was really ecstatic, because they are:
 a) a really cool couple
b) their wedding coordinator was Patty Lee of 8events. If you don't know Patty, then check her website, she is awesome.
c) their location, the Bridges in San Ramon , was literally a mile from where I used to live
d) I was also working with a great photographer Thai  Mai, and a wonderful make up artist Giao Nguyen, who are super talented, and who have since then  become really good friends of mine.
e) James Burkart of Burkart studios was my side kick on the day of and it means that I did not have to worry about a thing
So everything was united to make their wedding really special.
I don't know what was my favorite moment of the day, but I think that An-Yen walking with his eyes close to Ashley when they saw each other the first time, was pretty powerful. Both of their vows were very poignant and the speeches throughout the evening depicted a great couple who couldn't be more in love.
Watch their Trailer and see for yourself. I hope you will enjoy it, and as usual don't hesitate to press the like button.
Thanks for stopping by and watching.