Asian Art Museum- Jen and Mike - San Francisco

The perks of being a wedding cinematographer is to shoot in some amazing locations, and Asian Art Museum in San Francisco was definitely it. Jen and Mike wanted a classy yet intimate event for their wedding and the museum was perfect for that. The ceremony was elegant and simple, with a very personal ceremony orchestrated by one of Mike and Jen's best friend and heartfelt vows. This couple who has been together for 11 years truly love each other dearly, and seeing them gazing at each other was priceless.
The reception was no small feast either, as Asiel Design did an amazing job setting up with beautiful centerpieces. As for the food Global Gourmet Catering  provided their guest with a scrumptious dinner.
It was great to work with my friends at Big Fun DJ, those guys definitely know what they are doing so if you are looking for a DJ don't hesitate to contact them. The event was beautifully captured by Erica Berger, who it is always a pleasure to work with.
Thanks to Jordan, Robb and my good friend James Burkart for helping me out capture their beautiful day, and thank you to you for stopping by. I hope you will enjoy their highlight.
Happy Sunday!

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