Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay - Fredericka and Akindele - Half Moon Bay

Where to start with this amazing wedding I had the pleasure to film. First and foremost the location. Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay is simply amazing. I shoot there once a year in average, but this is by far one of the most picturesque place in all the Bay Area. Even though the sun is not always shinning there, the lighting is simply amazing, and the outside ceremony in the Gazebo is always a treat.
Nothing better for a beautiful lavish wedding to have a great on point coordinator who makes my work so easy, and Elisheva of a bride's best friend is all of that and more. We've known each other for a while, and working with her just makes my life simpler. I know I'm repeating myself but if you are planning a wedding please consider a professional coordinator. It just makes a world of difference.
As for the wedding itself. Fredericka and Akindele are both Nigerian, so be ready for vivid colors, fun dancing and many more new traditions. This loving couple had invited their friends to an amazing event where happiness and joy was the key word as you can see below.
I hope you will enjoy tis 14 minutes short film, and please don't hesitate to like it and comment.
Merci et bon weekend.

venue: Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Coordinator: Elisheva Basseri: a bride's best friend
Photographer: Bill Mahon
second cinematographer: Van Hsieh