Matthieu Meynier

Barbara and Wayne - Legion of honor - San Francisco

Matthieu Meynier
With the year winding down, so do videos.
Wayne and Barbara contacted me through their wedding coordinator Patty Lee of 8 events. I have worked several time with Patty and it's always a pleasure to have a true event planner professional working with the vendors and the couple to make sure everything goes without a problem. If you are on the verge of hiring one, please definitely consider it as it makes everyone's life easy.
On that note Barbara and Wayne both live on the other side of the Globe in Shanghai to be precise, so meeting was not an option. But through constant communication, I was able to have a good picture of this great couple and their elaborate wedding at Legion of Honor. So when I met them on the day of, I felt like I already knew them. I knew they had put a lot of thoughts in every little detail and I wanted to make sure that their film encompass all of these to really let their personality shine.
On top of that their officiant was their close friend so it made the ceremony even ore special.
I hope you enjoy their recap.

I would like to give a special shutout to Henry Kim with Big Fun DJ, as well as F.C Wong who was their photographer and capture the day beautifully.