In August of 2011 Utterly Engaged, the first online wedding magazine , and Lovely Jubilee held the first ever Fizz and Frills - a wedding market for brides - at Blu Bungalow. It was a huge success, and I was lucky to be part of this great event.
In September of 2012, Lucia, Henny and Wilmarose are doing it again this time in So Cal area. So if you are interested in participating or coming to see what it is all about, here is a short film I put together for them. The idea behind it was to explain why Fizz and Frills, and how it is different from a regular wedding fair. I hope you will enjoy it, and we look forward to seeing you either as an exhibitor or a bride to this marvelous event.
Bonne journee a tous et toutes

You can find a list of all the sponsors right here: all our sponsors 
 And if you would like to participate , just follow this link