Sarah and Michael |Vintners Inn, Sonoma | Highlight Film

Making a wedding film, takes every fiber of your body and soul. It is a draining process. You concentrate on the couple on their story and within 10 minutes you try to tell the most compelling story you can. It's not an easy process, and sometimes it takes days, even weeks to get you started. I've always think that strong beginning and strong ending were the key to a great film, as the beginning is the one to hook you into it, and the ending is what allows the film to really flourish.
In the case of Sarah and Michael, I felt that the best way to go at it was to start with Michael's vow, and finish with Sarah's vows. I felt they would carry their story well, and will help the audience understand who they were as individuals and a couple. I hope you will enjoy it, and as usual any feedback or comments is welcome. So without further ado I present to you Sarah and Michael's wedding film. Enjoy

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