Grand Hyatt | Luxury redefined | promo film

A few months back I was contacted by Grand Hyatt to film the reopening of their lobby, a 70 millions dollars renovation.

The result is nothing short of astonishing with one of a kind lobby for the centrally located union square hotel.

Some of the features that really stood with me was the feel you get when you enter the lobby. It's very lounge-like and you feel more in a spa retreat than anything else. the fire place and the comfortable couches make for a great space for conversation and rendez-vous. The coffee station is a definite plus a to enjoy a great latte or other cappuccino. The front desk is very unique and the shape reminds you more of the control board of the Enterprise ( for you fans of Star Trek) than a front desk.

But the big ticket item for the hotel is definitely their new restaurant and bar called One Up. it's located on the Mezzanine and to access it you need to walk a 10,000 lbs stair case made of one piece, which required the removal of the front window in order to install it.

Once you reach the level you are greeted by the restaurant on the left, which offer California cuisine with a French twist. It's delicious. To connect the restaurant on the left and the bar on the right, you must walk through an amazing wine wall, where liquor and spirits are set up. A couple of LCD touch screen allows you to go through the collection and learn more about what you are drinking. It's modern, elegant, and most of all really inviting. The bar offers great cocktail from the past as well as some new ones that are sure to satisfy your palates.

A big thank you to Colson Griffith Photography for putting my name out there, and a big thank you to Lana Palmer for composing the music for the piece.