Matthieu Meynier

Matthieu Meynier

demo reel 2014 from Matthieu Meynier-CINEMATT on Vimeo.

A Year in Review: Cinematt's Favorite Moments of 2013

For year's I've been trying to create a video journal highlighting my favorite moments of the previous year, but I always end up saying, "later".  Well, that is all about to change.  2014 is here and I had one new resolution.  To finally create that video journal that we could all enjoy.

I knew I had filmed some amazing weddings in 2013 and I wanted to showcase them in a fast but emotion filled video journal that would translate who we are and why we do what we do

Getting married has so many layers and facets but one thing for sure is the sense of coming together: as husband and wife, as we say I do, as one family, when two meets and create a sacred bond. I wanted to show the emotion of the journey and the ultimate reward of uniting. Whether the wedding was in San Diego, France, Hawaii, Napa, Livermore or San Francisco and so many more destinations, they all have something in common; a unique story. Their story!! 

I think this 2:40 minute clearly communicates why a wedding is so special.

Big thank you to Joshua, Dennis, Kyle, Robin and Steph, Miguel, Aaron, Wendi, Isabel, and an even bigger thank you to all our awesome couples who trusted us with the most important moment of their life. 



Love what you saw? Contact us and let’s tell your story when you say your I do's!!

About Cinematt
CINEMATT is the fruit of many years of soul searching in order to create a brand that couples can identify with.   As the creator and artistic director of CINEMATT, Matthieu put his ten years of expertise to craft a unique wedding film for you.

Along with Dennis, who he has been working with for five years, Joshua and Sean, they strive to capture every little detail you have so uniquely chosen to make your dream wedding a true masterpiece. Filming your wedding is not only showing up on your special day. It is about getting to know you and find out what your particular interests are in order to transcribe them into YOUR film... Merci et a bientot!