Julia and Alex | Short form film | Villa Ponti, Napa

Happy new year everyone!
I hope you had a great holiday season and that you are ready for what ever 2014 will bring us. I'm very excited with this new year as I see so many opportunities looming, and frankly, I have made my resolution to make 2014 my best year ever since I started cinematt.
One thing I've also promised myself for 2014 is to give more importance to the blog and to give you content you would like to read. It will have the usual and occasional films we shot of course. But I would like to also give you some tips to make your wedding a perfect day. So every now and then I will try my utmost to help you plan your day the best way possible.
Today I'm sharing a film that is dear to my heart as Alex and Julia are one of the nicest couple you could ever meet. Maybe it's the fact that Julia has spent sometime in France and can speak the language, but as soon as I met her it was an instant connection. To top it off my good friend Loic Nicolas was their photographer. Loic and I have been friends since 2009 and every time we shoot together we have a blast. I understand what he needs and he definitely knows what I'm looking for. Having such a chemistry is key to creating a great experience for the couple.
I knew that Julia and Alex wanted a film that doesn't feel scripted and per her own words "fake". It worked out perfectly and as I hope you can see, their personality shines throughout.
A big thanks to my team, Dennis, Miguel, and Jeremiah, you guys did a great job.