Tips from the pros: How to capture amazing moments for your wedding film

Capturing the special moments of the wedding day on film is a top priority for most brides and grooms. Over the years I've gathered great tips from other film experts such as Joe Simon, Ray Roman, Matt Davis that have proven to result in amazing films for my clients.  Here are my top ten tips that I always like to share with my couples to make sure we capture stunning shots.

  1. Remind your bridal party that although it's cool to chew gum, it's even cooler if they don't while filming is happening. 
  2. Have the makeup artist set up by the window so the film crew can capture you under natural light.  Trust us, you’ll like the results.
  3. Ask your makeup artist to use a director’s chair.  The height will allow you to standout even more in the room as well as give your film crew a clear field of vision.
  4. Don't be afraid of the cameras. Although it can be a bit overwhelming to have so many cameras around you, try to forget about it and allow your happiness to show through.
  5. Turn down the music. We know you love to listen to music when you are getting ready, and it's cool. However, if the music is too loud, it can overpower special moments captured by the film crew such as the moment your mom or dad come into the room and saw you in your gown for the first time.
  6. Make time for your cinematographer. Although most of the time your cinematographer can work around photographers, it is much better if you can allow 10 minutes in your schedule to cinematography only so they can capture those extra moments that will make your film a masterpiece.
  7. Don’t run away! I know some people get nervous when it comes to giving a speech at the reception, but it would be great if your MOH or BM or who ever is giving the speech just relax and stand still while giving their speeches. We love it when they address you, and don't run around the room.
  8. No talking. The ceremony is a sacred moment and we do not want to disturb it so make sure that phones are turned off, bridal party is not in chatting mode, and enjoy YOUR ceremony.
  9. Unplug! Lately it has been very easy for people to snap away during the ceremony, especially during important moments. Consider having a sign that invites your guests to not click away while you are walking down the aisle and to stay put in their seat. You have paid a lot of money for your professional crew to do their job, so don’t let it be ruined by eager guests.
  10. Give your cinematographer time. Remind your mc that in order to get the best shot possible they will need time to set up.  So 3 to 5 minutes before a major event is happening, such as the first dance, have someone notify your cinematographer so they can set-up.

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