When Gene saw   during their first look, the first word that came out of his mouth was "Holy, then an expletive, then another expletive!”  If you know Gene and Braja, then you shouldn't be surprised. Gene is a passionate person. He is passionate about his friends and family, and about being an amazing photographer, but most of all he is passionate about Braja!

I wanted to ensure that their film captured the unconditional love they have for each other and the passion behind it.  My favorite moment of their day was during their photo session.   Jim, their photographer, handed the camera to Gene to shoot Braja's portrait session. In that instant, Gene was the photographer, the person who has an eye for beauty and capturing the emotions of the moment; the same person who was shooting my wife and I when we got married the year before.

I’ve always loved shooting alongside Gene, as he is an inspiration for creativity and art. When Gene asked me to film his wedding, I felt honored and nervous all at the same time. And to have Jim Garner, a world renown photographer, working alongside me for the day was mind-blowing and icing on the cake. What an amazing experience!

Thank you to Isabel Gonzalez, long-time friend and cinematographer from Long Beach, for assisting to capture all the special moments and details of the day.  And lastly, thank you to Gene and Braja for trusting me with the most important day of their lives!
Please enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed witnessing their union and capturing their love on film. 

bientôt ,

venue: La Estancia
coordinator: Thomas Bui
photographer: Jim Garner
Florist: Jennifer Cole Florals
Officiant: Dharmasetu Das
Hair stylist: Daniel Lowry
Make-up artist: Madhavi
DJ: Daniel Peterson