Today's post is very special to Cinematt. We received an emotionally beautiful thank you letter from one of our brides, Melanie, that highlights the essence of what we believe about the value of cinematography. We are sharing excerpts from her 2 1/2 page letter and the 13-minute film that we created of her wedding day.  One particular statement really stands out, as Melanie stated, "In thirteen minutes, you literally obliterated every negative emotion I've been carrying around guiltily for nearly seven months." 
Merci et bonne journée,


….I planned nearly the entire day on my own over six short months, and stressed, and stressed, and stressed right up to the very day.  When the day did finally arrive, I couldn't let the anxiety go. Once the day had passed, I couldn't really remember much about it. My feelings about it ever since have been burdened by guilt over having failed at being able to take in the wonderful reality that was finally happening for me. I needed Larry to convince me that I was actually smiling when I walked down the aisle, because all I could remember was the photographer shouting out that I had forgotten my bouquet!

I hoped that when the photographs arrived, they would help me remember all the wonderful moments; remembering it like a fairy tale, and feeling absolutely no regrets. But the photos didn't work that way. They were still moments that somehow just didn't feel real. We instantly told ourselves to lower our expectations of the video. For over five months, that's what we did.

We decided to watch your film on Saturday night. Larry cooked dinner and we had a video date night. Just before hitting play, he looked me in the eyes and held my hands and told me that the video was not going to be great - it was going to be dark, we would hate the music, we would both look terrible, and my dad wouldn't even make an appearance. 

Matthieu, how can I come up with the words to tell you what the next 13 minutes changed for me? You single-handedly gave me back my wedding day. For the very first time, I could feel how beautiful it was. I instantly saw how happy I was, and all the love in my eyes when I looked at Larry. In thirteen minutes, you literally obliterated every negative emotion I've been carrying around guiltily for nearly seven months. 

Larry and I gripped hands throughout the entire 13:23, and I could feel his tears dropping on my hands. Tears were streaming down my face too. We've probably watched it 20 times since Saturday night. My mom told me that she found my dad crying while watching it for a second time, and he told her how beautiful my speech was .. something I'd longed to hear from him. You captured emotional expressions from my dad that I've seen my whole life, and have always worried I'd never have on film to remember him by….….Larry turned to me last night, out of nowhere, and said, "I stand so, so, so very corrected. I didn't think we needed a videographer, but you pushed for it, and now it seems so obvious to me. A thousand times over, it was so worth it. It was the most important thing we did."

Matthieu, I can't tell you enough what you gave to me. Not just a beautiful video, but you gave me back the day I'd waited all my life for, just to have it slip right out of my hands. On behalf of Larry and myself, thank you so, so much for this precious gift. This email doesn't begin to explain how thrilled and grateful we are. :)



Melanie and Larry | Short film Feature | Murrieta's Well, Livermore, Ca from Matthieu Meynier-CINEMATT on Vimeo.