Changing with the times: USB drives

When I started working in this industry as a wedding videographer in 2001, I was using VHS tapes to record 2 hour films for my clients. For nearly the past decade, Cinematt has been providing customized DVDs to clients along with an option of adding a USB drive since 2011.  Now fast forward to 2014, Cinematt is very excited to announce that we are transitioning to providing our films only on USB drives.

It seems that as technology improves over time (with the emergence of Amazon drive, Apple TV and Google Chrome) DVDs and even Blu-ray are going extinct.  CDs are now becoming obsolete.  As most of you have probably noticed, as I did when I purchased my iMAC last year,  Apple has removed the optical drive for playing CDs on their newer model computers. 

There are many advantages to receiving your wedding film on a USB drive.  It is important to show our films, which are filmed in HD, in an HD format.  DVDs are standard resolution.  As more people purchase smart HD TVs, they have the capability to view their wedding film in the highest quality resolution. With the USB drive you can play your film directly on your TV, on your computer via iTunes, and you will save time without having to load different chapters as with DVDs. Sharing the film is also easy via email or social media.

We look forward to delivering your wedding film on a USB drive and hearing feedback from you.