Over the years, CINEMATT has been lucky to travel and film some amazing destination weddings. But this wedding was like none other. Valentine is my niece, and filming her wedding created a unique situation for me.  I was a guest and at the same time the cinematographer. To see my family celebrating through my lens and to remain completely and utterly professional was a whole new game. My sister gave one of the most poignant and emotional speeches I've ever heard, that I wanted to drop my camera to hug and support her. 

Valentine and Thibault's fun and loving personality shines through in this romantic 16-minute film. I really enjoyed capturing the sweetness of their loving vows to each other--streamed through the end of the film.

Special shout-out to Robin Killip who helped me film this special day. It was so great to work with Steph and Robin, the Bubblerock team!  I look forward to shooting again in the future; who knows maybe we will meet in New Zealand!

Thank you and as usual, don't hesitate to comment.

Bonne journée,