The Phan Family | Short Family Film

We love capturing every amazing family that comes together on our clients' wedding days, full of tears and hugs, every emotion running high; it makes for wonderful, unforgettable moments on film. But not every day is a wedding day, and our clients go off to create incredible families of their own. Sometimes it's refreshing to observe the quiet moments between a mother and son, the joy of brothers at a park - a small slice of time for the family to keep.

That's exactly what we set out to do forMary of Very Mary Inspired, who wanted to give her husband something thoughtful for his birthday. Their two rambunctious boys are at the age where they need a lot of wide, open spaces to tear around in, so we set our sites on a local park where the family could interact naturally, and not feel too cooped up!

What we got was a fun series of playful moments with Mary, her husband and their boys, that they'll be able to watch for years to come. Watch their video below!

mary from Matthieu Meynier-CINEMATT on Vimeo.

Thinking about one of your own? A family film could be the perfect gift for grandma, dad, or just an investment in archiving your growing family. You could put a fun day in a time capsule - a trip to the zoo, a day at the beach... anything you can think of!

Contact our studio at and we'd be happy to brainstorm the perfect video for your family!