Cinematt on Design Aglow Cinema!

Are you ready for a big announcement? We're beyond excited to announce that Cinematt is a contributor for

Design Aglow

! Joining so many other talented professionals from around the nation, we're going to offer up solid advice for success in the wedding industry. 

If you're a photographer or cinematographer, you probably know all about this uber-modern, design-savvy blog shop, that provides everything from educational guides on posing and business marketing, to photography actions and website templates. Their blog is also a must-follow for anyone with an online presence and services to offer; it's full of tips and tricks for optimal web traffic, drool-worthy contests, and inspirational interviews. 

As part of the brand new launch of Design Aglow Cinema, Cinematt was featured as one of 15 of Design Aglow's favorite cinematographers from around the world! Matthieu chatted about his demo reel, the importance of picking the right audio, and those crucial first 15 seconds of film. 

Click here to see the full interview! 


Design Aglow Cinema line

includes an amazing collection of useful tools for cinematographers. Everything from workflow guides to marketing suites and packaging accessories - all ready to insert your unique branding and improve your business. 

We can't wait to see what Design Aglow has in store, and keep an eye on their blog; you may see us there!