Wedding Film: Farrah + Taichi at the Julia Morgan Ballroom

Today's dreamy video is at the incredible

Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco, where Farrah and Taichi tied the knot last year. Alex Baranquo of Dreams on a Dime perfected every detail, and we are so fortunate to have captured the stunning end result. Not only was there soft candlelight illuminating the already gorgeous venue, but cream-colored florals seemed to bloom everywhere, making the event effortlessly elegant.

The real highlights of this film, however, all belong to the moments between the bride and groom. Each of them reads sweet, funny vows that make it apparent the two are best friends. Listening to all the praise, advice, and words of joy from all their family members (who traveled from across the globe!) you can feel so much love in every moment of their special day.

We wish you all the happiness in the world, Farrah and Taichi, and we're so honored to have documented the start of your family!

- Cinematt