Lizzie + Juan's Santa Clara University Wedding

There are certain couples who seem to light up around each other; their joy completely contagious! Lizzie and Juan illuminate every moment of their wedding day at Santa Clara University with genuine smiles, sweet words, and an outpouring of love for everyone in attendance.

Though most elements of their ceremony and reception are elegant and classic, they gave a nod to Juan's family and added some Mexican flair with a Mariachi band during cocktail hour, fiesta-style banners sprinkled throughout the tablescapes, and parts of the Catholic ceremony read in Spanish. Lizzie's Dad says it all during the reception toast, "One and one is one... the Carter family and the Ramierez family are now one...It's a gift they have given us."

Lizzie and Juan initially wanted a small highlight reel of their wedding, but after seeing some of their day brought back to life, they opted for a longer Feature Film. We're so glad they did, because you can experience their whole event below!

We're smitten with our amazing clients, and continue to be more inspired by them every day!

- Cinematt