The Rehearsal - Moments Worth Catching on Film

Our clients begin as something relatively impersonal - a brief email, a few lines on a contact page. By the time their final film is delivered, we most often feel that our couples are family, and we're confident that we've captured what they care about most on their big day. 

What happens in between is a genuine effort on our part to get to know as much as possible about that couple as possible; to learn what they are passionate about and weave that into their final film. It's a large part of what makes a successful cinematographer, and it has nothing to do with picking up a camera or editing in front of a computer. That being said, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner is usually a day packed with emotions, filled with speeches and excitement that our couples can fully enjoy, while the wedding day is such a flurry it's often a wonderful blur. More and more of our clients are choosing to add-on rehearsal coverage to their package, and it's easy to see why!  


  • We get a chance to meet your VIPs - the most important friends and family that will make up your wedding party and guests. 

  • Speeches are unplanned and not under pressure! Sometimes we catch the best anecdotes and words of encouragement the night before the wedding. 

  • Everyone gets comfortable. Unless you're a political figure or an actor, we're guessing you aren't in front of the camera often - and neither are your guests! You can get a feel for what it's like having a cinematographer around before the wedding. Our guess is, you won't even notice! 

  • Your final film has an added layer of emotions. Those candid, dressed-down moments are a perfect juxtaposition to the polish of a wedding. We have so much fun editing the two events together to create a seamless experience that really paints a true portrait of the couple's love for eachother. 

See an example:

Jenna + Joel - Bits of it are seen throughout the whole teaser, but the rehearsal footage comes in at 2:15. 

Are you excited to add your rehearsal day to your wedding film? Email us today for a full list of all our add-ons and see how you can customize your package to fit your budget and unique event.