FAQ With Matthieu - What's In the Price?

Planning your wedding is no easy feat, and the difficulty of fitting all those vendors into one wedding budget may seem daunting. You can contact ten different florists and they will all have different pricing worked out for their services - and the same goes for any photographer, cake designer, makeup artist, cinematographer, or any other wedding vendor for that matter. Pricing and packages can vary widely between cinematographers, but what is in that price? If you'd like a peek at the logic behind the numbers, Matthieu can give you some insight into our Cinematt packaging prices. 



What goes into the Cinematt price tag? 

"How many times have I heard "I love your work, but we just can't afford you." So often, it isn't that the budget won't stretch, but that the client wasn't expecting our prices or didn't put cinematography on the top of the vendor priority list. Haggling, negotiating, and trying to cut services usually ensues, and we're left feeling misunderstood. Here's a little insight into what goes into our carefully engineered prices.


We try to stay current when it comes to equipment and we want to make sure your film is not outdated or reduced quality. Therefore every two years or so we replace our cameras. We usually spend upwards of $5500 per camera, and we always have three on hand. Some studios rent, but we have upwards of 50 shoots per year, and the cost would be the same if not more. Lenses and audio equipment are swapped out less frequently, but we still need to keep them compatible with our newest technology. Therefore on the day of your wedding we are lugging about $25,000 worth of equipment including our drones for aerial footage.

Some of our tech:

  • MōVI M10 ($4500)
  • Dji Inspire ($3000)
  • C100 ($5000 and $4000 each) before add-ons
  • lens bag ($8000)

The Team:

I don't bring inexperienced shooters to my weddings. Each cinematographer you pay for is someone I've worked with previously, who I know and trust, and in many cases owns their own studio. They are passionate about creating beautiful imagery and making the experience as pleasant and professional as possible. I also always bring an assistant, who helps us out with everything not shooting related, so we can devote all our time to being in the moment, capturing the best footage for our clients. 

Compiling film and editing takes time and intense focus, which is best suited to someone who does it full-time. Our editors have been working with us for years, and deserve credit for taking my vision for the film and translating it into a final, beautiful work of art. 

When you shoot as much as I do, you're traveling and on the job an immeasurable amount of hours per week. If I didn't have studio assistance to follow up with new clients or share my films online, it would take up a large chunk of my already limited free time. Using my free time wisely - relaxing with Regina and Fredo, learning new skills, or indulging my creativity allows me to recharge and come to each shoot excited and energized. 

Generally while we're capturing the bride getting ready, another shooter is with the groomsmen, and potentially another is capturing details of the ceremony. 

Generally while we're capturing the bride getting ready, another shooter is with the groomsmen, and potentially another is capturing details of the ceremony. 

Pre Production:

There are many hours that go into each client or couple. Between phone calls, visits in person, analyzing questionnaires and drafting custom quotes, researching their venue, reaching out to and coordinating with vendors, prepping equipment and reviewing timelines before the big day, sometimes it feels like there just aren't enough minutes in an hour. Because I set this time aside for each client, our events go smoothly, and we maintain our level of excellence. We could overbook ourselves, charging less for our services and miss out on getting to know our clients and venues, but then we would lose our connection with each wonderful couple, and our film quality would suffer.


I've been capturing weddings for 16 years, and have owned my own business for 13. The experience I've gained from a career in film isn't something I can measure, but I can honestly say there are few situations I haven't been in before. I'm not a routine filmmaker, I'm always striving to learn more, be better, and hone my skills so they don't become static or outdated. The moment I stop learning, is the moment I'll stop improving. Therefore, I budget for industry leader workshops, certifications in new software and technology, and conventions to keep up on the latest gear and innovations in the field. 

My experience is directly passed onto you. An effortless wedding day, a flawless film, a motivated team, these things are worth the price tag. 

- Matthieu Meynier