FAQ With Matthieu - Second Shooter?

Welcome to the first FAQ with Matthieu post! We know so many potential clients have a laundry list of questions for their cinematographer, but rarely get around to asking all of them. Often communication breaks down between emails, phone calls, and hastily scheduled in-person meetings, and important questions go unanswered. 

This is why we are happy to take our most Frequently Asked Questions, from wedding films to corporate videos, and have Matthieu elaborate on them for you. His 15 years of experience behind the camera is invaluable! 

Question: Do I need a second shooter? Even for a small event? 

This is a question we get from our potential wedding clients and corporate clients alike. From our perspective, it's less about "needing" a second shooter, and more about capturing all the necessary footage for a well-rounded film. Read on for Matthieu's take:

A second shooter is essential, as it’s impossible for the primary shooter to be everywhere at once. On the wedding day, the second shooter works with the Groom and his party, capturing the story from his point of view while the primary shooter focuses on the bride. When both shooters are together during the ceremony and reception, the second shooter films traditional shots while the primary shooter can catch minute details, allowing freedom for creativity. With the two working together, the final film is a balance of artistry and classic shots.

If your budget allows, I even recommend a third shooter when the timeline is very crunched or the guest list is over 300. Large events are logistically harder to shoot, so a third camera can help capture each important moment.
— Matthieu

So I guess the question you should be asking is... do I need a third shooter? 

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