FAQ with Matthieu - How Do You Stay Inspired?

We're back with another FAQ with Matthieu Meynier, owner and cinematographer for Cinematt Films. He has over 12 years of experience shooting weddings and gifting incredible captured, emotional moments to couples. It's safe to say he's seen just about everything in the wedding industry, and he's still excited before every event. 


Q: How do you stay inspired to shoot weddings? 

First answer? The love story

Each couple is so unique. When I meet them and find out their love story, it’s inspiring every time. My father was a great role model for me, and a talented storyteller. When I’m presented with the challenge of filming a single day and capturing all the emotion, backstory, and events of a wedding day for a single ten-to-twenty minute film, it’s something I can’t help but enjoy.
— Matthieu


It's true! Each couple's film is so unique to them - take a look through our blog and see what new stories there are to uncover. Two couples can even have the same color scheme and venue, with outdoor ceremonies and ballroom receptions, but their events are never captured the same way. Matthieu's degree in Journalism assures his passion for documenting real events and authentic moments.


What is the magical second ingredient to staying inspired? A passion for learning: 

I’m always growing and learning, it’s what drives me. I go to conventions and push myself into new endeavors. The gear we use is always changing and evolving to allow me to be at my most innovative.
— Matthieu

A passion for clients and progress is the equation that has allowed Matthieu to continue shooting so many amazing events in San Francisco and beyond. 

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