Samovar for Spoonful Magazine

Let's get cozy for a minute and sink into Samovar, a niche tea lounge in San Francisco. We were thrilled to shoot footage highlighting their new, beautiful Valencia location. Lingering over heavily-scented pots, spotting all the careful details that make the space so inviting, it barely felt like work at all.  We highlighted this particular hotspot for Spoonful, an independent food magazine for the modern at-home cook. 

My approach was to show all the goodness that the location offers, and I wanted to highlight what is unique to Samovar; all their locally made cups and plates. I wanted to convey a sense of calm and relaxation when you go there - you can enjoy a bite, read a great book, and of course have a wonderful tea experience.
— Matthieu

Watch the film below, and melt away your Thursday stress (also plan your next date with a good cup of tea and a book!)