Introducing Le Studio95!

We are so excited to unveil our new corporate film brand, Le Studio95!

Storytelling is our passion, and it's time to bring that energy to a new platform for our corporate clients. Le Studio95 is offering an efficient process for creating relevant visual communication pieces for established brands.

We believe every brand has a powerful story to tell, and we aim to walk clients through the process of uncovering and releasing that story through film. 

Matthieu and his skilled team utilize their years of expertise in film-making and love of storytelling to uncover the unique elements of a brand and present it in an authentic way to the ideal audience.  


Matthieu can tell you more about the idea behind this new brand: 

"The name Le Studio95 represents two very important things to me. 1995 was the year I moved to America from France. It marked the beginning of the next exciting adventure, and though my roots are French, I've made so many amazing memories and followed my passions here.
The idea of "le studio" evokes an image of a constantly evolving creative space where there is learning and teaching going on simultaneously. I believe wholeheartedly in continued learning; it's how I stay current with my work and it keeps me mentally stimulated. Leading a team that can work collaboratively and intuitively with each brand is integral to Le Studio95's mission."  

Though the brand name may be new, Matthieu has been filming big-name corporate videos for years. Yahoo, Ritz Carlton, Christie's International, Airbnb and Genentech are just a few names that you might know, but he's worked with countless amazing clients to capture brand videos, commericals, corporate conferences and special events.

If you're one of our corporate clients, all new business will be directed to Le Studio95, so here's the information you'll need:



Phone: 415-839-9350

Instagram:  @lestudio95


Twitter: @lestudioninety5

We hope to see you there! And if you're looking for lovely wedding film making, you are definitely in the right place. Cinematt Films is still excited to continue capturing beautiful footage for couples all over the nation and the world. 

A bientot! 

- The Cinematt Team