FAQ With Matthieu - What Gear Do You Use?

It's back, another studio question answered by Matthieu Meynier of Cinematt Films! We're tackling a query we hear from tech-savvy clients, colleagues, and competitors on a regular basis...

What Gear Do You Use? 

First of all, we keep up on all the latest tech by going to trade-shows and conventions (such as WPPI, inFocus and other workshops that are relevant to cinematography) so we're always versed on the newest innovations in cameras,  audio, drones, and lighting equipment. It keeps us on our toes and trying out new ways to capture the perfect shots all the time.

Matthieu can tell you more about what we use specifically: 



"Right now we film with Canon C100 cameras. They are incredibly versatile and allow us the best quality for filming without being obtrusive. We can keep a low profile on the wedding day while getting stunning images.

We use drones when our clients add the option, and are drone certified as of 2016. It's important to pay special attention to our surroundings and always make sure that we are legally allowed to fly. We don't want to take a chance and we will always be straightforward with our clients and let them know whether we can do it or not."



"Audio is a very important part of our filming and we use state-of-the-art equipment. Small recorders such as Tascam and Instamic have become our go-tos; most often we use them for interviews with bride and groom before the wedding. We always mic the groom and the officiant and we always try to find out who else will be doing a reading for the ceremony and will mic them if necessary. We always have one or two backup recorders so we have peace of mind while recording."



"Lighting is also an important element to take in account so we have invested in great equipment that can be battery-powered to carry around easily. Right now our go-to lights are the battery powered Westcott Flex. We usually use them for speeches and important dances. For the reception dancing we rely on smaller handheld lights so we don't ruin the celebratory atmosphere with large bright lights."

- Matthieu

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