Diana + Derek's Enchanting Berkeley Wedding

Of the most beautiful venues in the Bay Area, University of California Berkeley’s Botanical Gardens is so close to perfection. Diana and Derek certainly thought so, because they held their wonderfully joyful big day in the middle of it’s gorgeous grounds. Their wedding decor mimicked the venue and were soft and organic with little chic details in between. Friends and family were at this special spot from all over the country - most of them from the East Coast - and were gifted a truly unforgettable day.

Watch Derek and Diana’s fabulous feature film below, but be sure to grab your tissues! There are a lot of big emotions and heartfelt speeches that will pull at your heartstrings. Continue reading below for more on the couple and our favorite highlights from their amazing event.

A Tale of Romance and Psychology

These two lovebirds met at Yale, where Derek was a graduate teaching assistant for a class that Diana attended. After falling easily into conversation, Diana joined Derek’s summer research project which led to friendship and collaboration. Derek graduated but they stayed in touch as long-distance friends while Diana finished college. A short visit out to Portland, OR where Derek was working became a whirlwind of romance and unearthed feelings, so Derek gifted her a plane ticket to come visit properly. Diana used it within a few weeks, and never bought a return flight.

As you witnessed on the film, every family member and friend are so behind this couple that was so obviously right for eachother. It didn’t take very long for them to make big decisions about being together; but it did take Derek 9 years to propose!

See our favorite moments from the film and the day below.


Ceremony Coordinator : Christine Jegan and Sara Robertson (UC Berkeley Rentals Coordinators)

Reception Venue: UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley, Julia Morgan Hall

Wedding Coordinator: Corina Beczner

Event designer: Amanda Vidmar

Make up artist: Chris McDonald

Hair stylist: Toni at Chris McDonald Makeup

Photographer: Amanda Barnes of Sabine Scherer Photography

Caterer: Barbara Llewellyn

Cake Artist: Barbara Llewellyn

Florist: Amanda Vidmar

DJ or Band: Patrick Numair, Golden State Productions