Joanna + Armann's Wanderlust Wedding in Los Gatos

The couple that travels the world decided to stay in the Bay just long enough to get married! Joanna and Armann found each other via a dating app and quickly found that their sparks were serious. Joanna traveled to Europe with Armann after just 7 dates, and the two fell in love traveling from Serbia and Croatia to France!

Their families could tell that this was more than a fling, and after seeing the world (22 countries in 2 years!) They finally touched down in Los Gatos. The two were married at a ceremony at St. Mary’s church in Los Gatos, with an amazing reception at The Los Altos History Museum.
In a wedding day filled with custom touches, including a gourmet coffee barista and table names reflecting their favorite jet-setting locations, what really stood out was how overjoyed their families were to be celebrating the bride and groom. We enjoyed capturing each toast and speech!

Watch their feature film for a peek into Joanna and Armann’s big day, and see our favorite highlights in the gallery below.